January 14, 2011


I was reading an article on Vice about environmentalism, the gist is that no matter what the fuck else you do to be a good citizen of the earth if you have kids you're going to have a greater negative impact than somebody who is a total environmental nightmare.
I thought it was interesting, read it here.


mark$ter said...

You should always recycle children.

Fast Crusader said...

the problem with this argument is that the people who care enough about the earth don't reproduce and the people who don't care reproduce. This creates an imbalance between the two and in a democratic society that imbalance leads to greater destruction of the earth, which is one thing this argument never really touches on too much.

DSTRONG said...

interesting point; population explosion is devastating. but, technically, having one kid per couple is still negative population growth... just sayin

Jeff said...

My take away, since I enjoy opportunities to be self righteous and have no kids, is that anyone who has children can shut the fuck up about being environmentally responsible. hypocritical assholes!