January 20, 2011

Tina Guest Blogging from the Forest

My parents live about an hour outside of Austin in an area called the Lost Pines. You don't really think of trees when you think of Texas (at least I don't!), but this area is nothing but forest. So yesterday, I thought I'd just ride around the forest roads... What I did not realize was that the roads are NOTHING BUT HILLS.

Have I mentioned I have not yet mastered the art of skid stopping? Or should I say HAD not mastered it - these hills whipped me into shape in no time.

It may not look bad from this angle, but just take my word for it.

I stopped to die for a minute at a clearing in the woods.

There was some Deliverance shit happening nearby...There was a slew of roosters being tortured, or fighting, or screaming or something. I'm pretty positive I also heard a banjo. Then, this duo on a tandem randomly stopped on the road EXACTLY in front of me. One of them was blind - literally. I leaped out of the forest to introduce myself...and then rode to the city for the ladies' night ride.

Midwesterners, take note: sleeveless + sunny in January. What are we doing?!

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