January 28, 2011

Friday In Milwaukee

So man, I was going fucking nuts. Heaven forbid I go all Torey. Let that be a lesson to you all - don't ever come here less'n you got the CHEESE. Midwest is a hard ass Vixen. She can tell. (And no. You can't just get some cheese when you get here. Gotta bring it.) So I went to see my spots.
friday 001
friday 003
Under the Wisconsin Avenue Bridge -
friday 004
friday 005
Tailgatin' -
friday 006
Forest Home Cemetary -
friday 007
friday 008
friday 009
And after all that - I went to check out the Kinnickinick River Canals, but they were totally impassable.
So I went to REHORST, my favorite micro-distillery - where I usually end rides anyways -
friday 010
And got myself the best Brandy Old Fashioned EVER -
friday 011
Check it - REHORST Pumpkin Brandy, brown sugar cubes, sour cherries, Vermont maple Syrup, and Canadian Club Soda.
friday 012
I had 5. Thank you Valerie.
Luckily, I was able to tell my bike "Get me home, Girl." And it worked out.
Pretty good day considering it's winter in Wisconsin.


KOPISH said...

Sounds like a perfect day on the bike. I don't know what all of this winter/summer fuss is all about. It's all the same. We do the same shit regardless of the weather - we all know that. Sure it feels extra punk and mean to keep your shit flowin' through the "off season". That's what we all have in common. Nice post! Can't wait to travel East and ride with you.

Aldepal said...

What size and type of tires are you rollin on? This just happened to my WTB tire so um shoppin for new.
LMK. Thanks!

mark$ter said...

I use 1.95 Studded tires. Have been for 9 winters now. They last forever and make it a little less likely that I'll bust my shit and miss out on good weather riding. Nokian Mount and Ground. Can't go back.

Anonymous said...

I was able to tell my bike "Get me home, Girl." And it worked out.

been there brfore many times. it always seems to work out.