January 11, 2011

Ice Beards

It's winter and that means ice beards. From me in particular since I often have an ice beard and always have a camera.

Due to an unholy pact with b.ridget I have a much shorter, for this time of year, beard than typical and we haven't had any brutally cold days yet. (and by brutal I mean like double digit negs) Thus nothing spectacular this winter.

this is about 7pm this evening
not terrible, but nothing to write home about. (unless you have a blog and always need content)

No, if we're going to start talking spectacular I'd like to steer the conversation towards January 20, 2009 and the Robeast Trevor Crayton

Now that's a good one! It's like looking into the face of Poseidon himself.

If any of you out there have any good ice beard photos, please send them my way. jeff at bikejerks or better yet, don't send them but instead upload to your flickr and send me the link. that way I won't have a bunch of emails junking up the place.
Sorry that there's no ladies equivalent to ice beards, or if there is lets see it.



Reuben said...

I've uploaded a few photos of face frost and facecicles to my blog.

ViciousG42 said...

i used to have a pretty badass icebeard pic, but i dont know where it is. we'll see if i can get a good one by the end of winter.


Jeff said...

why no balaclava? (or however thats spelled)
my beard has been snuggled up in a sugoi face-bag for a month now.

Jeff said...

beards are nature's balaclava