January 12, 2011

All-City Def Wish

I've been dying to post photos of my proto Def Wish, AC's new 700c freestyle frame, but for obvious reasons have had to sit on them until now.

Well today is the day as I just finished the AC blog post on this sucker so here you go.

I fucking love this thing, it's super fun to ride around on and can fit a 2.1 Small Block Eight in the back for off road fixed adventures. Easily the most fun bike I own.

here is the official little release photo:

and here is Chris Clappe putting in work on one

Chris Clappe' for All-City from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Monster fixed is the new pink.


slumberjack said...

so since this is based on the drop out, does that mean no more drop out?

Jeff said...

We still have Dropouts on hand and they are still the jam as an all arounder or playbike if you wish to run tire sizes 38c and under.

In the FGFS realm this does replace the Dropout, but we are hoping that there will be enough interest in the monster fixed genre to warrant a redesign and re-issue of this bike.

The cool thing is that not having the Dropout as our FGFS platform but as a monster fixed allows us the potential to make the bike even better for rambling.

slumberjack said...

cool cool. the drop out with rack/fender mounts would be a mighty tasty ute bike. but then again so would this thing

im still hyped regardless on both of them. awesome job

Anonymous said...

Is there a release date yet?

Gold Leader said...

Dammmmmn! & I just got my Dropout from ya!

levi said...

So since it is only a frame, does the All-City freestyle fork match well with it? Will it only come in black or multiple colors?, because you gray one is super sick!

Jeff said...

it's black. It is designed to work with the Dropout fork.

Levi said...

When will the Def Wish be available for ordering? I looked on the AC blog and it said March, but is there a specific date set?