January 19, 2011

Tina Guest Post: Riding Around Austin

Hi, This is Tina. Don't believe that "posted by Mark$ter" shit at the bottom of this entry. I'm guest blogging from Austin, since the real Bike Jerks apparently have nothing better to write about than holograms of Johnny Cash!

My trip to Austin began by getting the deluxe pat-down by security at the Milwaukee airport, thanks to my non-removable bike chain bracelet.
DAY 1: Pure rain. Boring. I said before I left, "Well, it's not gonna rain in Austin. It never rains there." Wrong.

DAY 2: Went to
Fast Folks to watch Eric Puckett build my Drop-Out, which I had shipped from Milwaukee (since it'll be an interminable amount of time before I can ride it there).
Fast Folks is super awesome, AND it's owned by a girl. Big points.

Then, I met up with John Prolly. See his post of our afternoon
My hell-sled:

John and I randomly ran into a hodge-podge crew heading out to ride to the top of Mount Bonnell but rode off in favor of hitting up local bike shops.

Everyone keeps telling me about all these weekly group rides happening in Austin... This is new to me. I mean I know things happen in Milwaukee from time to time, but weekly rides of a different variety every day of the week?
EXAMPLE: Monday = Heavy Metal Ride (!!!); Wednesday = Girls' Ride; Thursday = "Social Ride" (I put that in quotes because it sounds ridiculous). Do other cities do this?

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