September 2, 2010

FGFS Bikes as Badass City Bike

I was browsing the B-rev's blog tonight and came across this nice NS Analog coaster brake build that Bryan just completed.


I was originally going to mention this bike because it is the only build in the world in which you will ever see of one of those monumentally stupid Dirty Dog (they make awesome alien disc rotors too brah) skull stems work

And I really hope that we're going to be seeing a trend.
Walk with me...

A few weeks ago I posted a shot of Viceroy Tub's n' Chubbs 2 Speed Kick Back Dropout L.E.
(which was subsequently stolen and still missing)
shield 028

shield 032

Then there's our own Mark$ter's Fixed (front brake in this photo) Bruiser
Mark probably has more miles on a Bruiser than anyone in the world.
Think about it. I bet it's true.

And I really hope that we continue seeing more fixed gear freestyle bikes built as all-arounders and people start realizing that this style of bicycle is actually quite versatile. I keep saying that "if you like riding fixed, wait till you try a monster truck." This style of frameset can really be a kick ass platform for all sorts of different types of builds.

In fact, the venerable BMW Gangsta Track that started this whole thing thing was originally designed with a coaster brake tab.

For me, it's many of the things I enjoy in a track bike, but a lot more fun to play on.
I can hit dirt, stairs, grass, trails, whatever.

It's just a fun bike to thrash around on.

You can thrash your brains out

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fuzzy said...

thanks for taking notice, been promoting the "Performance Cruiser" for well over a decade. Makes total sense adapting the freestyle frame for even more versatility.
Cooking up a 650b 2spd kickback version...