September 7, 2010

Cinelli Olympic Track Bike for sale $600

As you may have heard, economic times are tough. Especially for those of us in the educational field trying to live in New York. Accordingly, I need to sell my beloved Cinelli. I'm asking $600 firm. Seriously, do not get in touch with me if you are trying to make a deal, I will not respond. This may sound prickish, but I'm pretty sure this bike is worth that much to someone. As you can tell, this bike has seen some use, but with this frame and parts, I doubt you could find a better deal. The downtube has a slight dent between the Cinelli logos that I can send you a photo of if you are interested.

The details:

57cm Cinelli Olympic frame (columbus thon tubing)
campy bottom bracket
Campagnolo Strada cranks, gold anodized 170mm 49t
Suzue Promax Hubs 36H, laced to Velocity aerohead rims (front NJS, rear standard Promax)
Dura-Ace headset
Newish bontrager 700x25 racelite tires
MKS Royal Nuevo pedals, one with Sprint double strap, the other cloth strap (I hear All City makes nice double straps...ask Jeff about when he called double toe straps "bourgeois")
16t dura-ace cog, 17t EAI cog on other side
San Marco ASP arrowhead saddle
generic seatpost
no stem or handlebars

This bike rides like it is on rails. I say this because when you ride it, you can tell it was made for riding on the track. It is super fast on the street as well and feels like it wants to go faster than you can make it. Corny sales pitch over.

If you are interested and have any questions or what to see more photos I can send more photos later today. eric.emo at

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Jeff said...

for the record I called spending $80 on double toe straps bourgeousie. AC happens to make very nice toe straps that the proletariat can afford.

But I am totallly busted. At the time I had no idea that double straps were such an improvement over singles.

Also fighting urge to buy bike.... it's so hard.