September 9, 2010

The Juicy Lucy Incident

After getting bounced from 1 on 1 after the ACC's we went over to Grumpy's downtown for some food and drink.

I ordered a Juicy Lucy (not using the Matt's spelling). For those of you unfamiliar a Juicy Lucy, or Jucy Lucy, or Juicy Lulu, or any other variation, is a hamburger with a core of molten cheese.

Basically it's full of fucking napalm. I am well aware of the classic Juicy Lucy blunder, which is to eat the burger right away and burn the holy hell out of your mouth. Knowing this I waited a good 5 minutes and took a bite.

There was a loud pop and liquid hot cheese blew up all over myself and Jeremiah burning both of our arms, my hands, and ruining our clothing.

Connor sent over these photos of it today


except for the burning, it was hillarious.

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Next time I'm going to release the pressure with a knife first.

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ViciousG42 said...

the key is to squeeze the bun a little bit to feel if its got gas pressure inside, if it does, the burger will pop a small hole and start oozing cheese, at which point you use your fries to soak up the cheese and eat a couple of them first. then chug some beer before the first bite.