September 16, 2010

Handsome XOXO

It was only a matter of time before someone just knocked off the hipster favorite Bridgestone XO-1 wholesale, and the dudes over at Handsome cycles have beaten everyone to the punch. I used the phrase "knocked off" but it's pretty clear that this is indeed a loving tribute that is very nicely executed.

I'm into it, except for the 1" threaded steerer tube. I realize it's a reproduction so they had to stay true to the original, but holy fuck I hate those things.

Everytime I think about the Rivendell crowd and how they claim to espouse practicality and function over fashion but run those ridiculous high quill stems with neg drop and threaded steerers my ass clenches.

Fucking hypocrites, those things aren't field serviceable (unless you're carrying a gigantic wrench, which you're not) and quill stems are super flexy with the gigantic wide bars you're using. It's fine to be into something because you like the look or heritage, but just admit it already.


mark$ter said...

What the fuck is that fork? Off an old Varsity? Is it the lighting?

fuzzy said...

threaded 1" steerer tubes and quill stems are classy.
just sayin...

Jeff said...

that's like saying spoon brakes are classy...

dmg said...

Agreed on the contempt for threaded (don't forget what a pain it is to swap bars, unless you have one of the non-recalled salsa quills with removable faceplates); how many times have you had to service a headset on the road though?
$600 + for the frame and fork? Assuming it's made in Taiwan, ouch. At least it's made of nice steel.

Anonymous said...

Just saying... An XO-1 is about as opposite of hipster as you can get. Not a lot of hipsters rolling XO's. The reason for the threaded steer, is that we wanted to use a horizontal top tube, but being that we are a small independent company, we couldn't afford to make 10 different sizes. The handlebar height adjustability of a quill stem lets you make fewer sizes and still fit wider range of people.

-Ben from Handsome

Jeff said...

Thanks for taking the time to chime in on this.

I will say though that if you want to be the king of Brooklyn Hipsters, get yourself an XO and a porter rack and you're there.

Just ask my buddy EMO

Jeff said...

And just so there's no confusion on where I stand on this, given that I work for another bike company, let me say:

"I want one!"

Anonymous said...

thank god someone noticed that I'm way cooler than everyone else...all it took was riding an XO-4 that is too small for me with a seized seat post.

Jeff said...

Eric, you have long been my benchmark for coolness.

if you want to know what I'll be doing in three years, just check out what Eric's doing now.

(it's a fairly accurate statement)

Anonymous said...

"Field serviceable"? The only stems I've seen that needed to be field serviced were from Pake frames- unless you're completely talking about a different kind of service. Treaded is totally easier to work with than threadless.

Anonymous said...

I just gotta say I don't understand the hating on quill stems. I know you still like the bike and it's a minor quibble, but really? I may not carry around a big ol' wrench on every ride for servicing my headset on the go, but I bet you don't carry around a tube of grease and spare bearings on every ride either. I can't think of a single thing that could go wrong with a headset (besides... looseness?) that could be fixed on-the-go, threaded or not.

Never had a problem with flexiness either.

Threaded vs. threadless is one area of current bike design that I'm not convinced is better. Different, yes. Cheaper for manufacturers, yes. Lighter? Probably, but that's never bothered anyone who like Riv-style bikes.
Better, no.

Haters get Dissed said...

Threaded 1" stems have circumnavigated the globe and then some. Ian Hibbel rode a threaded headset touring bike for over 30 yrs around the globe. Threaded 1" continue to be subjected to the rigors of rugged and remote landscapes today. How's that for "field serviceable" you white-rimmed deep V sissy!Hahahahaha!

We have an original '92 XO-1 in the herd and it's seen a lot of loaded touring and rough stuff cycling in mountains. It might not be tarck bike sheik but it's proven.

Enjoy your Bianchi Pista!

Too much time spent on the ignorant, know your history son. Nuff said, hater.