September 8, 2010

Silver Jews Vinyl Purchase

Sometimes when I get drunk I do stupid things, and sometimes when I get drunk I do awesome things.

A few weeks ago one of the things I did was order up a whole crapload of stuff from Drag City.

I basically got a Silver Jews fanboy pack, which I could act all embarrassed about, but fuck it, you know I'm into it.

I bought the first four Jews albums on vinyl, an e.p., a Pavement album that I've never heard, David Berman's book of cartoons, and a Silver Jews DVD. I bought the albums because they all mean a lot to me, the Pavement because it's Pavement, and David Berman's book and DVD because for such a long running "band" they don't have much in the way of a legacy beyond their albums. They've only toured twice and I thought this....
I'm going to stop right there.

I'm a nerd. I'm cool with that. I'm stoked on my purchases.
Suck it.

I'm going to go listen to trains across the sea in the basement.

this dumb cartoon mashup is the only studio one on youtube.

And if any of you are dorks like me, you should grab this live show download: Silver Jews on WFMU

If anybody knows where I can locate more Silver Jews live bootlegs or demo's or anything, hit me up.

perhaps I've said too much.


Joe said...

Check out the song 'Box Elder' on that Pavement LP. Killer song. And probably the best on that record. There's also an excellent live version of the song on the Slanted & Enchanted deluxe edition CD. Umm, I guess I'm a nerd too.

Jeff said...

I got that shit.

james said...

d cartoon is 'spirited away' u shud watch it. brilliant...

Joe said...

Jeff, don't know if you ever saw this. It's from a few years ago. From "Juan's Basement", a (tv) collaboration.