September 8, 2010

GMS Mountain Bike

This past weekend I took advantage of some free time to pull the GMS bike apart and swap some parts out for the upcoming fall MTB season. Riding with Skinny Randy this weekend got me pumped on old mtb frames as SS conversions, so I brought mine back up to dirt ready status.


This bike was my first attempt at a custom look and started life as Patrick's (Parts Washer) ridden to hell Fuji Suncrest. It's got Ritchey dropouts and True Temper tubing, but when I got it the paint was beat, so I had a buddy make up some decals and another friend's brother (who painted cars) spray it. This was fall of 2005 and a good 6 months before Bike Jerks was born. My first little company was Galactic Mystery Solvers... and I was in to it and did the bike up as such.

It's got painted to match brake boosters and a stem. I also have a painted to match rack because this was originally my first winter bike. I had it setup with a single front ring and an 8 speed thumbie rear, with full fenders and racks. That first winter I was often unemployed and rode the hell out of it on the trails at Wirth and around town.

The other side of the downtube had a dent in it, but the painter bondo'd it up real nice.

O.G. alloy fork but the maker eludes me at the moment (Profile, Kinesis?, anybody recall). The fork is super soft and gives a very nice ride.



A month after assembling the bike I broke the drive side dropout. Luckily a friend repaired it, and after a shitty paint touch up, it's been great ever since.

Can't wait to ride it.

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Anonymous said...

Kinesis fork; i remember that much from working with Patrick in 2002.