September 29, 2010

I am in need of design help.

I used that for a title, but I bet you knew that already

Track or Treat will be Oct 29th this year and I need to start getting a flyer together.
Because I am not a great graphic designer I'd thought I'd see if any of the readers would be interested in creating one.

Here are a few of the previous posters:

This one was made from a hand-drawn birthday card that B.Ridget's dad (and former Spoke of Luck bikeshop owner) Tom Bailey bestowed upon me.
I love Tom's illustrations and drawings, he has a very distinctive style.

He also originally created the bike dude from the Tom shirt as a t-shirt for Spoke of Luck in the 70's. We found and used the original transparency, on which he had placed cutout wheels then hand drew the rider using marker, to create the screen I use today.

The Tom, modeled here by family member Stoned Tone
I know there are other Stoned Tones in the world,
this one is ours

this has always been one of my favorites, but few people seem to notice it in the collection

The next year's flyer was done by our friend and local trackie, Chris Verbick.

And last year I reused the first year pumpkin guy graphic because I'm hopeless, and B.Ridge didn't want to help out.

I'd like to do better this year.
So if any of you out there care to help me out with a flyer, please let me know.
It just needs to get done.

I'm also thinking about changing the name of the race, because when I first came up with the name, I thought I was the smartest man in the world (fucking lazer). That first year I learned of one other alleycat, in South Carolina or something, that used the same name. This year I know of at least four others. If I'm going to get this thing to stick I'm thinking maybe a more original title is in order.

I'm thinking of something along the lines of Satan Birthday Devil Race. But maybe include the fact that it's fixed specific. But don't say fixed, because that would sound dumb.

And while we're on the subject of graphic design, if any of you are sitting on any killer shirt ideas/designs hit me up. Its the plan to get off my ass this fall/winter and start bumping new designs on the often.
(if any of you design kids want to pad your resume with an "internship"...)
I am also in need of a blog that showcases photos better and to integrate it into the main bike jerks website.

That last part seemed a little needy, but we all know that there are plenty of talented bored or unemployed people who ride bikes and have design or web backgrounds.


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