September 18, 2010

Saturday Afternoon

ran some errands downtown and was struck by the amazingness of the fall day. I've been stressed out and sick of work in the run up to Interbike, but days like today remind me of how truly lucky and fortunate I am to be able to live this life.

I like myself better when I'm riding, I like my life better when I'm riding, I like the world better when I'm riding.



Anonymous said...

What Quill size does that madison take? I have a Varsity and i'm trying hard to find a 21.1 quill with a 26mm clamp.

And the world is better when you're riding, especially in the fall.


Jeff said...

pretty sure the Varsity is the old Schwinn specific standard, but I can't recall what that is.

My Madison is standard.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for expressing what most of feel. That was beautiful.