September 18, 2010

Hot Team Raleighs

After stumbling upon my Team Raleigh post from January. A reader sent in these images of his own stable.

check em out



I can't tell from the photos and don't know enough about Raleighs to tell if they're 531 or 753


Matthew said...

These are my bikes; they are both 753 and exactly like the one posted in January (one was obviously repainted red/white/blue). The red/white/blue one has about 35000 miles on it and the red/black one has about 2500.

Anonymous said...

Did you buy the Red and Black one 1-2 years ago? I "loaned" my brother the exact same red/black 753 for college about 10 years ago. Anyways, he sold it 1-2 years ago! I I was devastated.

I had that bike when I was 14 (1987 I think). Lived in Burnsville and rode it to my girlfriends house in New Hope every weekend.

The frame would be to small for me now, but I was really po'd when I learned my brother sold it. Almost cried.

Matthew said...

I got them from a friend of mine who was racing for the LEVIS/RALEIGH team back in the mid 80s. One had a full season of racing on it and the other was in a box, never built up (the red one). He went back to Europe to ride for another team and I gave him like $500 for the bikes plus parts and wheels.

Best money I ever spent on bikes.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I wish I had friends like that!

I had the red one. It was a beautiful bike. Glad you are enjoying them!