September 29, 2010

Bandit Cross Race #1: Hobo Cramp Update

Support and excitement is building. Things are getting more awesome. Folks are starting to come out of the woodwork and are letting me know that they're down this weekend. I really feel that this city is due for some grassroots cyclocross racing and that it has a ton of potential. There are a number of people in the bike scene who have been wanting and talking about organizing something like this, and I'm hoping that they will convert that want into throwing a leg of the series.

It's my ultimate aim that this will become a multi race a month series of events extending throughout October, November, and December, that will encompass all of the aspects of skinnier tire offroading.

For example, low road to sibley house to dog park would be sick. And Trevor and I have done a bunch of talking over the years about the possibility of finding a super gnarly course through a jungle of woods and muddy hills in a throwback early 1900's adventure style race.
trite and overly romantic? maybe. actually doing it? awesome for sure

The clinic is also on.

Cyclocross Clinic: Basic Skills -mounts & dismounts

Member of HUP United, and master of the hairstyle known as "high & tight," David Cory has agreed to teach the clinic before the race. Please show up by 4:15 if you plan on getting instruction. And don't feel silly if you're worried about needing instruction, I need it too. I have no idea the technique for fast dismount-carry-mount.

Holly Magner of Grovecraft will also be on hand selling handmade winter and summer caps. Holly's winter recycled wool hat is a must for temps in the low 50's to the high 20's. I will also have some merch on hand if you're on the make.
In fact I encourage anyone out there who makes anything bike related to hang out and setup a blanket

Spectators encouraged and needed to help with handups and cowbell.

I am also looking for a volunteer to keep track of the lap count, in addition to needing help working on the woods section of the course (if there is to be a woods section). Hobo Camp has some good little rollers and fun singletrack, but it is currently way overgrown and unrideable. I plan on clearing a path to the left of the old trials area and heading towards an exit near the railroad tracks. This is the only section of woods that a crew can make passable in a few hours time and it's inclusion will greatly increase the amount of fun had.

I figure a few weekends of racing and some trail work, and you could have an amazing woods section that will put the laptimes at around 5 minutes and be a ton of fun. Like anything, the success of grassroots cross racing depends squarely on community support.

I think affordable, fun, and non-serious grassroots cyclocross is just what we need around here. If you agree. Lend a hand and let's get it done.

Somebody bring a weed wacker or similar implement, yo!

I also am in need of a traffic cone for the turnaround up on the gravel hill.

See you at two.

bring a lot of movement clothes aka jazz shoes, dance belts, lycras, et al. And seriously, fyi you guys, this is not an excuse to get out of your normal activities. This is an excuse to do some good musical theatre. So be prepared, be enthusiastic, and keep your bullshit attitude and baggage at the door because we don't need it

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