September 28, 2010

Bandit Cross SSCX Race #1 This Saturday - MPLS


This Saturday will be the first race of the fall 2010 Bandit Cross Outlaw SSCX Race Series.

Race #1 Hobo Camp
Sat 10/2
Meet at 5pm at Hobo Camp
next to spiral ped bridge in Bryn Mawr Meadows
(cedar lake trail / basset creek trail)

Spectators and bevvies encouraged
(cowbells and beer handups)

At 4:30pm there will be a cyclocross clinic teaching racers how to dismount, carry, and remount.

There will also be a trail work session starting at 2pm at Hobo Camp to get the course ready. If you can help out please bring trail tools (machete, rakes, etc.) and meet us. A little work will go a long way towards making the course more fun and safer.

This is a fun race for anyone who's interested in cyclocross. Expect a 40 minute race with A and B classes if enough folks show up. We'll work hard, race hard, and celebrate.

The flyer says single speed but every bike is welcome. If you ride fixed though, I will be requiring a brake as you're going to need it and no one wants to be taken out by you.

If you have any, I am searching for some more barriers and cones to mark the course.

I don't recommend bringing your cross tubulars, the course is kind of ghetto.
Course consists of pavement, gravel, dirt, and grass.

more details to come. Hope to see you there.

If you have a blog, or post on any of the forums (Morc, etc) please spread the word to the legit racing community. It is my goal to create a fun and positive atmosphere where both newcomers and vets can come out, ride hard, and enjoy the spirit of community that comes after turning yourself inside out for 40 minutes with your homies.


Rydjor Bike Shop said...

How many pit bikes can I bring?

J.R. Hunter said...

I like it...

Anonymous said...

speaking of Homies, when is the fall fest? Zito is gone will someone else plan it?

Anonymous said...

To keep it even, I'll just bring one.

Iman Mefleh said...

I have some barriers I can bring- 2 pvc type barriers.