September 2, 2010

Bike Jerks Presents: Gravel Ride This Saturday


I'm really stoked on trying to organize a bunch of things this fall because everyone knows fall riding is the best riding.

This Saturday I'm going out again for a jaunt on the low road. If you've got nothing to do and want to ride, show up at the roundabout at Minnehaha falls at 5pm.


Madison Tom said...

How long a ride is this, all told? And can it be done on skinny road tires?

Jeff said...

it can be done on skinny road tires but you will end up walking your bike on the second half of it through some sand. as long as you can deal with that, you're fine.

My recommendation would be something in the 32c range ideally.

it's not that long of a ride, probably only 20 miles or so, but it'll take us a few hours as I plan on having a beer or two.