May 18, 2010

Tip-Top Bikes and Stuff

After 12 years straight in the bike industry, I decided to teach high school. Fuckin' sucked! Got back into bikes. One good thing that came out of teaching though was a bike photo archive I worked on when the students were actually doing shit. It's up to about 6000 pictures from all over the place. Alot I don't remember where I got, so I hope I'm not pissing anyone off at some point, but anyhoo, I thought I'd occasionally post some stuff - bikes, places, people, and otherwise - I thought was tip-top and include info when I could. I'll start with one of my favorite British builders Colin Laing. I found these photos on


Dan said...

More bike porn?! Just what I need to make my days more productive, looking forward to some gems.
Nice combination of lugs and fillets in there

mark$ter said...

Man I love that bike.