May 29, 2010

All-City on Le Container

Was browsing Le Container this morning and came across some very nice pics of an old French (I'm assuming) bike with an AC fork on it. I know it's dorky but I still get super excited to see people actually owning and riding our stuff, (you're actually beginning to see Big Blocks downtown on the semi regular) and it's even cooler to see something randomly on a French design/photo blog that you enjoy. No idea who took the photos, link to original post here:une deuxieme vie pour le velod du grand-pere. My French is a bit rusty, but I believe the translation would be "A second life for my grandfather's bicycle"






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Dan said...

Just got in from night of drinking after a day of riding on the Melburn Roobaix [], anyway I passed an All-city frame out on the road today. Seems they've made their way out here too