May 20, 2010

Connor's Custom Gear

Good friend and the one and only Bike Jerks sponsored rider Connor was in town this past weekend.
He showed up for some grilling and I took the opportunity to grab some photos of his custom Spicer trick bike and Trash Bag.

In the fall of 2008 Connor (the undisputed master of the long skid, check the last clip for video proof) moved to Michigan for graduate school in reading or literature or something. His custom Gene Spicer built FGFS bike was the second bike we'd ever seen, behind the Brooklyn Gangsta, that was designed to accomodate 700c wheel barspins. This bike turned out to be just a blip on the FGFS radar but at the time it was one of the first custom trick bikes in the world, Tracko, Prolly, Bootlegsessions, HK Fixed, etc. all did posts on it.

Another reason this bike is so noteworthy is that it is essentially a time capsule back to 2008. At the time he built it (evolution for his ride essentially stopped when he left MPLS given that his new home has in his words zero bike culture, "I threw an alleycat, and no one came") it was a very cutting edge machine and now the setup looks downright quaint. So for all you young kids and new jacks, this is what we were riding only two short years ago.

Connor's Custom Spicer with Gangsta Track Fork

After he built this frame Gene Spicer put this model up on his website for sale, I'd be real interested if any of you have ever seen another one floating around.

The other piece of equipment Connor brought to the party is his custom Trash Bag with an "X strap". I'd like to take the opportunity to point out two rad things regarding supporting local companies.

One: you can get custom stuff done such as adding an "X strap," and artwork.

Two: Connor was hit by a car last year and the EMT's cut his bag off him ruining the strap. While he was home this past week Andy over at Trash Bags sewed him a new one.

Connor's custom READ Trash Bag w/ X Strap
the cross strap allows you to spread the weight of heavy loads across two shoulders, making your mess bag more backpack like. This innovation was pioneered by the PAC bag company.

I have to admit though, I have idea what that large buckle on the cross strap is or how you keep it from digging into your shoulder when using the strap. Neither Andy or Connor are fools so I'm sure it works out great, but I have no idea wtf it is doing there. Anyone out there know and care to enlighten me?

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