May 13, 2010

Big Brother

geeking out because I just received 20 issues of Big Brother skateboard magazine (now defunct) that I purchased via ebay. They're early issues (I think the mag got better as it went along) but still freaking awesome. I love periodicals and Big Brother was the most consistently funny I have ever come across. At least three times an issue I'd bust out laughing. At the time I was reading the mag actively I had no real interest in skateboards (I mean they've always been awesome) it was the brilliant writing in the magazine that hooked me. Highly recommended if you ever get your hands on a copy.

In other Big Brother related news I just picked up a copy of Chris Nieratko's book (former editor). Reading his articles at Vice's website was the catalyst for all of this BB nostalgia, so now I have his book. I'll try to remember to let you know how it is. It's a bunch of random essays he wrote for a column in which he was supposed to be reviewing porn flick.


Fix Memphis said...

I thought early BB was better. Later BB had those smiley faces or whatever over all the breasts.

Jeff said...

I only read it for the articles

NickiD said...

loved this magazine. Product reviews of penis pumps and skate shoes being used as bongs.