December 8, 2009

Snowstorms and Shit Winds

So a huge storm is rolling into the upper Midwest and we got our first real snow today. The first storm of the year is always the worst for riding because all the drivers freak out and drive like they've never seen white stuff before. There is nothing more dangerous to the cyclist than a person behind the wheel driving scared and indecisive. You take that bugged out driver and throw in a person on a bike (they also act like they've never seen a bike before) and the drivers have no idea what to do and freeze up like a deer in the brights. It's ridiculous. I actually had two drivers honking at me who were driving in the on coming direction on the far side of the road. What the hell is that? I'm not even on your side of the street. Winter also brings with it more judgements and insults from drivers than summmer, since most can only imagine that if you're riding a bike instead of a car you are either poor (drivers hate poor people) or have too many DUI's to operate a car.
On top of that since the streets aren't really plowed, the cyclist is forced into either riding the fresh pow in the gutter (safer, more stable and predictable, but a hell of a lot of work) or taking to the well worn car tracks (dangerous, but way faster).

We've also got some very low temps on the way. It's sitting at about 0 right now with the windchill and we'll be looking down the barrel of negative air temps by Thursday. Lately I've been kind of romantic about riding in the cold, today I realized there are few romantic things about it. If I didn't have a good job and a girl and a house and a life. I'd be out of here so fast.

forgot my light mount so I rigged this up. super pro

the new Cross Check setup. I'm testing the Sram Torpedo fixed/free hub. I'll let you know how it holds up. (old setup)

I also got my shit car started today. Here's hoping I have the strength of character not to use it.

keep riding, stay warm


mark$ter said...

I had a woman slow down next to me just so she could make sure I saw here shake her head at me and give me a stern look. What? Can't anybody go out and prove how OUTRAGEOUS they are any more? I know! I be so crazy.

Erik said...

holy shit, that is freakin' impressive.. in denmark, we're bitching and whining when gets close to zero Celcius! that's like 30 degrees fahrenheit.. and on top of that, if the streets and bike lanes aren't paved, we just give up and pay a small fortune to take the bus or train. my hat's off to you, sir!!

DSTRONG said...

thanks for the winter commuting updates. i don't know how you can ride without using that bandanna on your face--always need my neck gaiter up to my nose through winter.

keep the photos comin. big ups from columbus, ohio

Jeff said...

I'm growing a beard, natures balaclava

Noren said...

I nearly got hit twice last night riding my 3.5 mile ride home...
while I was ON THE SIDEWALK.
I counted 8 cars on the ride home, and two nearly hit me.
That ratio is way too high.

Matt said...

May this warm your shitheart during the shitblizzard

nicfromaustin said...

we had our first and likely only snow of the winter here in texas last week. it was beautiful.

i read your blog a lot, so i dont think you'll be a dick about this question.

how do you like the brooks you have on your crosscheck?

Jeff said...

I love the brooks on my crosscheck. It's a B17 narrow which I chopped (poorly) the sides of to make it custom. Standard Brooks are a little wide between the legs. I ride one on my Marinoni and feel like I'm straddling a horse. The narrow feels more like a regular saddle. It's also my rain and bad weather bike and I have been on that saddle for three years with no water related problems, although I do cover it whenever possible during precipitation.