December 1, 2009

Plemon Toe Straps

JVZ recently clued me in to the existence of the Plemon double toe straps. After doing a little digging, these seem to have made their way into finer shops throughout California

Here is the word from the Plemon website: After years of working as bicycle messengers, it came to us that there was a need for a high quality toe clip strap, that was not only tough and resilient but stylish as well; thus, 'PlemonsCo' was born. Tested by real cycle messengers in SF, our Double Toe Clip Straps are of the highest quality and extremely durable. We only use solid brass rivets and buckles so the straps will not slip when you need them to hold the most


As my dude pointed out to me, they bear a striking resemblance to my beloved Freeman Transport double straps. Is Plemon the maker of the Freemans? I don't know for sure. Of course I could email Nathan and find out, but I'd rather one of you tell me. I know you know.

If these are of the same quality as the Freeman's I can assure you that they're the bombshit, and encourage you to pick up a pair. The price is very right.

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