February 15, 2009

Winter Bike Check

Everyone has their own ideas about the perfect commuter.
This Cross Check is mine.
Fenders, comfortable saddle, riser bars, internally geared hub.

Every winter I like to build up a new fixed gear for the snow. Riding different bikes is fun, and with every build you learn a bit more about what works for you and why. This year I finally graduated from crappy road conversions to a safety yellow Steamroller.
Soon I'm planning on replacing the drop bars with risers. Before I built the Croll the Steamer was the planned Stupor Bowl rig.

So this is what Minnesota winter bikes look like. When they're built by me anyhow. (and check out the clear driveway. last weeks rain melted all our snow, and took a bunch of the salt off the road. it's awesome)

1 comment:

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