December 20, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

went to Behind Bars to borrow a tool

Got the phone call that my Pug wheels were finished, but I had no way to carry them since they are: A. incredibly awkward B. already carrying a frameset. To my amazement Josh produced the Behind Bars shop trailer and solved all my problems.

The trailer is a Croozer.
It retails for around $200 and is less expensive than my Burley Flatbed but heavier. The added weight is noticeable when picking up for storage, but I can't say whether or not you can feel it when in use.
I didn't remember to take a photo of the hitch, but you can find one if you follow the link above.
I really dig the fact that the bed has four fairly high walls. If you look at the Friday post photos, I had a really hard time getting the load positioned well enough to survive the 15miles home without shifting on my Burley. With this tailer I threw my bag, frameset and two Puggsley wheels (way bigger load) into it with no problem and no thinking.
*photos taken with empty trailer*

The cover is a nice touch


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