December 28, 2009

First Custom Metal Logo

Got a request to print a red Metal logo. I wasn't sure that the red would stay on top of the fabric (waterbased inks, unlike plastisol inks sometimes seep into the fabric and get lost) so it was decided that I would lay down white first and drop red on top
this is the first custom shirt from the new screen, and I'm really really happy with the results


yeah I know my registration is off, but I think it looks badass.

Doing custom orders (ain't no one else gonna make you a custom shirt for twenty bucks, on a t-shirt that retails for more than that plain) is a pain, but every now and then they make me very happy to have tried something that I otherwise wouldn't have.

Wow, I just reread the above statement and realized that my printing on the shirt actually lowers it's value.


Anonymous said...

Dude that looks sick! I think the offset registration makes it better.


fuzzy said...

Nice job Jeffey! I wear a large if that means anything to ya...