December 9, 2009

Paper Planes

Is Paper Planes the best song of the decade? I can't think of a better one, not that I think about it very much, but I did today.


Dan said...

It's up there.
how about poker face:
(i just happened to have it open)

Unknown said...

Dear GOD no! At least give that honor to a legitimate artist rather than a quasi rapper who ruined the best beats she was given. Off the top of my head I'd throw out ANYTHING by The Hold Steady or The Hives to beat that, and if hip-hops your thing you could still do better than MIA with Blue Scholars and most of the underground hip-hop scene!

mark$ter said...

OR you could WORSHIP HIM

Jeff said...

I hate the Holdsteady so much. Bad voice, worse writing.

Anonymous said...

i might have to stop reading your blog.

Jeff said...

it drives me crazy that friends of mine who are intelligent and have good taste hold the Holdsteady in such high regard.

i was down by the mississippi
feeling a bit tipsy
me and a girl
I think her name was misty

there I just wrote a hit holdsteady song.

everyone jacks off about his songwritiing, but my god do I find it awful.

It seems like most the goodwill surrounding them is lifterpuller nostalgia.

Jeff said...

oh and if you were referring to the M.I.A. thing. let's recognize that if a song was going to be fictionally named the song of the decade it would need to be accepted by the masses.

there are few hit pop songs that I'm consistently stoked to here on the radio. but Paper Planes is catchy as fuck, and the hook has got to one of the most creative and memorable of the 00's. I don't know if hook is the proper term but the cash register and gun shots.