December 28, 2009

Bike Jerks Metal Logo shirts

I've decided to try a new approach to t-shirt production and sales with the release of the new metal logo. (if you've got a better name than "metal logo" I'm all ears)

One of the problems for me has been keeping enough t-shirt blanks around to fill orders as they come in. This is doubly hard with this new logo shirt, since it should properly only be printed on black. To solve this problem I've decided to only produce them in limited runs. When this round is out, I'm going to move onto the next new design. If you want one, and really why wouldn't you, you should act fast. You can link to the main Bike Jerks site if you'd like to purchase one of these handmade gems.

Bike Jerks Metal Logo $19

The shirt was drawn by our friend Yum-Yums. They are hand screened by me using the least amount of technology possible, on the finest American Apparel U.S. made t-shirt stock. Each and every one is a stunning human achievement in its own right.

(since I have a bunch of American Apparel black shirts around, if there are any other Bike Jerks designs that you would like printed on black, shoot me an email and we'll work it out)

I know you've got all that sweet holiday money, but what you don't have is this potentially life changing garment. Every purchase helps me to pay for my new Pugsley.

metal up your ass!


Prolly said...

Pure Minneapolis Bike Metal

Jeff said...

Biking Metal Punks

Vin-E Smalls said...

lemme get a medium.
by the way you look real sexy in that shirt. will you deliver it personally?? and my bad about x mas. I got too tied up to come out to UP. how was it?

林曉培Maggie said...

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