December 2, 2009

Art Basel freak bike installation

New York Black Label member Ryan Doyle has an installation at Art Basel in Miami this weekendBikeClub_ArtBaselDoyle_Hell-a-copter1
Experience Doyle's three part bike exhibition featuring the Hell-a-Copter, the Regurgitator and Tall Bike Jousting at Art Basel Miami Beach, December 3 - 6, 2009.

Doyle may seem familiar if you've seen the movie B.I.K.E. which chronicles the Black Label New York chapter and one man's desperate quest for admittance.

I can't help but smile and giggle anytime that movie or anyone associated with it is brought up. I'll never forget the moment in the film when the protagonist gives his impression of the difference between the Minneapolis Black Label chapter (original) and the New York (second) one. I'm paraphrasing here so you'll have to forgive me if the quote isn't 100% accurate:

"We're (New York kids) a bunch of middle class art fags, and they're (Minneapolis) a bunch of down and out gutter punks"

Rarely have I ever been so proud of my adopted home

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