December 22, 2009

New Bike Day


After this one my ass is seriously in the poor house. I need to sell off some shit.

18" Pug with black decals
XT rear, Surly fixed front, Deore thumb shifters sweeping 8 in the rear, two in the front, mismatched hydros, Hussefelt cranks and BB

It's night here, so apologies for just the workshop pic. I'll try to get outside for detail shots in the next few days. It supposed to snow tomorrow and not let up all weekend. I'm hoping there'll be enough inches on the ground tomorrow morning to justify riding this beast in.

I've always wanted one, now I have one. I just hope I use it often enough to justify the build.


mark$ter said...

You better only ride that thing dressed like BOWSER from SHA-NA-NA. Seriously. I will have folks check.

Jeff said...

I'm coming to Milwaukee for the trick comp, it's at the end of january. Tell Boo to get ready for some bullshit

mark$ter said...

If I knew all it would have taken was me flippin' some tricks for you to come back, I'd have put an open for business sign on my bedroom door months ago.
Hell Awaits!

Joboo said...

Nice ride man!!!