December 27, 2009

Jesse's Dropout Stolen

Jesse's All-City Dropout Prototype was stolen this afternoon from the Mall of America in BloomingtonIMG_0018

This is the only one in existence and it belongs to Jesse who is pretty much the nicest person in the history of ever. He called me up and told me the story and said that if he ever saw who did this he'd "tackle them" not kill them, not rip their fucking heads off, but "tackle them." He's that kind of a gentleman.

Frameset: All-City Dropout med frame. Counter top green
Cranks: Silver 612 protos, non branded
Hubs: All-City New Sheriffs Black Prototypes. One of only a few in the world
Rims: Velocity Chukker's to tied and soldered black spokes

Jesse rides his bike from Minneapolis to Bloomington to work, and some sleazeball jacked it this afternoon. If you have a blog or are active on a forum or have any other means of spreading the word, please help Jesse get his bike back. It's a huge bummer and for a number of reasons a very special bike.

help a bro keep getting rad

If you have any information on the bike, please shoot me an email to jeff {at}


Brian said...

Weird... Jesse told me he was going to go practice punching bricks with nails in them to prepare for the face punching that will ensue.

Jeff said...

lets just hope he gets the chance

degondat said...

thats weird man, he usd a big chain too, do you know the full story?

Brian said...

Had it locked to a handrail outside the MOA while he was at work, came out and it was gone. Mall security got it on film, but they couldn't tell who the dude was. Not sure how he got thru the chain either. Bummerz.

greasyspoon said...

I am nearly 90% sure that I saw this bike Sunday sitting in a snowbank out in front of the Lake X 35W McDonalds that day.
I was on the bus when it caught my eye (the color popped out against the snow), it didn't look locked up so I was suspicious (plus - who eats at McDonalds, especially that one??) I almost got off to go back and check it out...but didn't.
Soo..if it was the same one, it's near Uptown most likely.

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