December 17, 2009

Glacier Glasses

I stole this idea from my buddy Eric Owens years ago. Eric showed up with a set of glacier glasses, he had moved from Minneapolis to New York city and was messengering and had ludicrously short bars (I think this was around 2005 or so) and he had these glasses which I told him were so so lame. Ooh, move to New York and get a mess job and some hipster glasses. Ooh you're so fucking cool. IMG_0533
Secretly though I was super jealous and when the chance to nab a set came up a year or two later I jumped on it.

I tell you this because they are the best riding glasses I have ever worn. They provide a huge coverage area, are comfortable on the nose, and most importantly have a full ear piece and ride close to the face.IMG_0663
They simply don't move, ever. If you ride in glasses you know how annoying it is to have to keep pushing them up, but not these. Oh no, they aint' going nowhere. If you can handle wearing something that make's you look like a celebutard actress, it's totally worth it. the best thing going. ever.

The only thing to watch out for is that you don't get ones that are too dark. I have another set that is simply too bright to wear unless it's a super sunny winter day (which makes sense). Oh and ditch the leather piece, you ain't impressing no one.


Anonymous said...

don't forget how "bourgeois" double toestraps are as well...

Jeff said...

you son of a bitch. you never call, you never write

Anonymous said...

At his powerful thighs

Feeling thin
And wishing
For a

Jeff said...

you've always been ten steps ahead

moonshiner said...

i was wearing glacier glasses in fucking '82...where ya been? carrera prescription sunglasses, i felt like larry king, they were so huge

Anonymous said...

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