August 17, 2011

Wolf Shirts Release at All City Champs

As you may or may not be aware, I've been sitting on two new t-shirt designs (this and this) for a while now. I've been meaning to release them and put them for sale on the main bike jerks site but just haven't found the time this summer, since I need to be prepared to do a bunch of screenprinting when a shirt is released.

The official website release will be this fall after Interbike, but I wanted to do a little soft launch here in MPLS for the race. I will be printing up a small run of both wolf shirts on black and white, with a few random greys thrown in. I'll be selling them at the race on Saturday at registration and the afterparty.


I will also have some of the other newer designs as well. Special ACC price is $15 on American Apparel t-shirt stock.

I may also have some in my bag for Bandit Cross and Sprints, hit me up when you see me if you'd like to own some handprinted Bike Jerks rad shit.

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