August 11, 2011

For Sale: El Mariachi Frameset Medium and Reba 29'er fork

I'm selling my trusty blue steel El Mariachi frameset.
It is a size medium and is one of the early nicer, lighter versions made out of True Temper OX Platinum tubes.

I rode the frame for years, and the fork a handful of times. The frameset has no dents or dings, but does show some battle scars. I love this thing, it was a great bike, and opened up my eyes to the awesomeness of single speeding and 29'ers. It can be setup geared or single via the eccentric BB.

I recently replaced it with a Ti version, and promised myself that I'd let my old one go to help cover some of the cost.

The original pricetag on the frameset was $870, and I'd like to get $325 for it.
I think that's a solid price on a great frameset.

here is a photo of my old build

I also have a recently serviced (I used to work as a fork tech) Rock Shox Reba 29'er fork.
I'd like $150 for the fork.

I'd happily sell you all items for $450 if you'd like.

send me an email if you're interested, jeff at bikejerks


HotWater said...

email sent for fork

HotWater said...

sorry to bug ya, but did that fork get sold? clcottin at gmail

Jeff said...

sale pending to a buddy. I'll let you know.