August 9, 2011

All City Champs, Call for Volunteers

I'd like to take a second to talk to you about the upcoming All City Championships, now only a mere two weeks (one weekend) away. But before I continue, let's get ourselves in the mood by pressing play on the video below.

Do you feel better? You should.

Folks, it's that time of year again when I ask for your help to make the ACC's a reality and I am pleased to announce that once more Emily A. has come to my rescue and has decided to coordinate your efforts.

What we need are people willing to work a stop on August 20th from 5-9pm. Preferably you would bring a partner, or we could match you up with one. There are both bar and non bar stops available. You would be stamping manifests, and perhaps have some additional responsibilities depending on the stop.

If you can help please contact Emily at evilantimartha at gmail.

In other news, we have an updated flyer, that now has party location.

get stoked. don't miss it.

P.S. I'm searching for housing for two married ladies from out of town. If you can put them up, please let me know.

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