August 10, 2011

All-City, Fyxation, PDW, & Velocity Prizes are here

it was a huge haul today, as the Fyxation, PDW, Velocity and All-City prizes were gathered up and brought home.

Velocity was kind enough to send over three sets of Deep V's and spokes and nips, which will be built into wheelsets with All-City hubs.
I'll post the final product when they're done.

The Portland Design Works boys sent over a nice care package of the finest bicycle accessories known to Gods or men.

and they even included some extra flavor
Dan being an astute observer and knowing my predilection for such things

Our homey Ben at Fyxation sent these over to show support

and All-City kicked down the hubs and this lovely Dropout frameset in sizeway medium to be given out to one of the winners.
looking at this frameset, made me sad that I gave mine away and made me totally want to get one before they're gone. They make the best townie beaters.

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