August 16, 2011

Tina's Ultra Sick Travel Bike

In an ongoing effort to one up me at every turn, Tina went and got herself the ultimate travel bike. Kevin Sparrow of COG sold her the frame and the accompanying travel bag. It's been around the world and them some and has a great history. It's a BENOTTO rear end, probably a model 1600, mid 80's. It got crashed so Dave Wages of ELLIS CYCLES built Kev-cakes a new front end when he S&S coupled it. The fork comes from Sacha White at VANILLA from back in the day when Kevin used to paint at COAT. Tina is a wee bit stoked to say the least, and is taking it on her first trip to L.A. this Thursday. Kyle and Woody better ready their tools and drool cup.

(I was fucking around with my camera so excuse the shit-ass attempts at capturing good kitchen light)

benotto 001
benotto 005
benotto 006
benotto 007
benotto 009
benotto 010
benotto 011


Jeff said...

those might be the best photos you've ever posted to the blog. for reals

mark$ter said...

Jealous much

Jeff said...


Tracko said...

Holy Cow!