August 3, 2011

All City Championships: Thursday Night Bandit Cross

In lieu of the trick comp, I've decided to make this year's ACC a little easier from an organizer's perspective and replace it with Bandit Cross.

If you haven't been, Bandit Cross, is an event that has single handedly renewed my faith in the bike community. No bitching, no whining, just good attitudes and a whole lotta fun.

ACC BAndit Cross

The event is free and open to all bicycles, however as usual, single speeds are preferred.

Meet at 7pm at Hobo Camp
BYOB, but don't make yourself obvious.

It's likely that we'll need a trail day to clean up the course and hopefully expand the singletrack prior to this first race of the season. I'm hoping that I can get some dudes to make a few sweet plywood ramps for this thing so we can make it more of a "hell track". If you've got some scrap wood and skills, please hit me up. Hopefully we can stash some stuff in the woods and use it for the races all fall.

I'll keep you posted about a trail day, it'll likely be next weekend and your help would mean a lot. You've got put in, to get something out.

There are no prizes, and no entry fee. Though if we have enough racers, and I'm hoping this will be the largest race yet, we'll have both A and B classes.

If you want to know how Bandit Cross goes down check out these photos:

danger dollar
danger dollars





be there or don't


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