August 5, 2011

Trash Bags Prize Bags for the ACC's!!!

I stopped by Trash Bags yesterday morning to pick up the prize bags for this year's ACC's. Andy had told me that the bag was going to be "epic" but he wouldn't tell me anything more than that as he was clearly enjoying his little secret.
This is the ridiculousness that awaited me.


Hot shot took my Facebook profile picture and turned it into bag art. Pretty funny, but the joke's on him because I'm psyched.

He did a real nice job on the applique work too.

This backpack is his new Garbage Incernator model and he was keen to take me on a tour of it's features, as it is in my opinion, the cleanest most sophisticated design he's done yet.

walk with me...

This thing is massive and can swallow a whole file box


and it's got straps inside for when you fill it up

this is what the bag looks like with that kind of load in it, still closes easily

on one side it's got a u-lock/bottle pocket

and on the other a swing pocket for ease of access

back view

this is a real clever pen holder inside the main compartment, but I didn't shoot it with any sort of context to show you where it is. Sorry about that, but rest assured it's there and it's functionally awesome.

lest you think this large pack would be unwieldy. It compresses down very slim.



Per Andy's request, this bag will be given to either the men's or women's out of town winner. Though I'm not quite sure how we'll decide which yet.

And the in town winner will receive this sweet custom hip pouch

Huge thanks to Andy for making the ACC's substantially more special with this generous donation of his time, sweat, and creativity.

And to you folks out there, remember to support your own.


Natalia said...

I don't understand the design on the hip pouch... Poking a bull in the butthole?

Jeff said...

that's what Bridget said too, but it's a lion.

Though I feel like that should be my new motto.

"poking a bull in the butthole since 2005"

d*pow said...

Cool story, bro