August 15, 2011

Bandit Cross This Thursday

ACC BAndit Cross

Yesterday a crew of us not only cleared up the existing trail in Hobo Camp, but also made an awesome addition to the woods section.

huge thanks to Mike, Steef, Kesha, and Tim for coming out and getting your hands dirty. These things don't just happen on their own, it takes a dedicated team of folks to actually put in the work to make them happen. So thank these dudes when you see them on Thursday.

in addition to clearing the standard sections that you know and love

we added this cool bermed section, that appears totally flattened out in this blurry photo

A couple of things about Thursday

1. show up on time, daylight is waning and I want to start as close to 7 as possible

2. bring bug spray if you plan on hanging out in Hobo Camp

3. I need someone to watch the bike path crossing during the race, so that we can be sure to avoid incidents. show up and let me know if you want to help

4. spectators encouraged, let's line the course


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