August 19, 2011

Save the Track Bike: First Fixed Gear at ACC's

To try to stem the tide of wussery and roadbikes at alleycat events....

let me just take a second to illustrate a point.

In climbing we talk about something called "style." Free climbing something is considered better style and a more meaningful achievement than using aid for instance. In terms of alleycats and riding bikes in the city, crushing on a track bike is infinitely better style than doing it on a geared bike.

To me fixed gears have always had the allure of being the ultimate expression of bicycle mastery. E.G. if you can do something on your fixed gear you can do it on any type of bicycle.

To that end, I'd like to put up some nice prizes for first fixed male and female.

First male is getting a set of Phil's, first female is getting a complete wheelset.

These prizes are completely stackable with any other prizes a competitor wins. If you place first fixed gear and also win overall, you get all the prizes for both.

see you on the start line.

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Lauralee said...

not sure what is going on here