July 25, 2011

Titanium Salsa Selma

I got me a new mountain bike this year, a Ti Selma to replace my well loved steel El Mariachi.

It's essentially the same bike but Ti and dedicated single speed. I've only had it out a few times due to my ongoing back issues, but so far it's been great. It rides pretty much exactly like my El Mariachi, which is a good thing.

I expected to feel some differences in the front end with the supposedly way stiffer oversize steerer on the fork, and with the updated lowers on it. But I'd be lying if I said I could feel much of a difference.


With every ride I get more stoked on this thing, and get closer to selling my El (which is what I promised myself I'd do before buying this).

This bike was made by Lynskey in the U.S.

and features Salsa's proprietary dropout system.

Fixed gears and shit are great and all, but my first love was the dirt. Can't wait to put more miles on my new ride.


dennis said...

That's a rad bike!
There's a guy in Santa Cruz, CA who has been putting dropouts like that on bikes for a while. Here's a link to one from '07: http://www.blackcatbicycles.com/2007/10/erics-bike.html
The Black Cat Bicycles ones have the backup tension bolt (I don't know what it's really called) integrated into the frame so they push against the (replaceable) dropouts instead of the bolt pushing against the frame like on the Salsa ones.

FTMN said...

That's a helluva nice ride.

Ever tried a Thudbuster seatpost? I haven't had a sore lower back since I switched to one...

Anonymous said...

You have that setup dingle? How's that working out?