July 31, 2011

Golden Saddle Cyclery, Los Angeles

I recently visited Los Angeles, and Kyle from Trackosaurus Rex was kind enough to not only loan me his "party on two wheels" bike to ride, but he also showed me around his new shop, Golden Saddle Cyclery in Silverlake.

Kyle runs the shop with Ty Hathaway and recent USA cycling National Champ track rider Woody (sorry I didn't catch his last name, but does he really need one with an awesome name like Woody?).

The shop is super clean and well organized, with a small but solid selection of bikes and obviously excellent customer service. If you follow Tracko you know that Kyle's sense of style is impeccable, and the shop has a really interesting decor of vintage cycling apparel and a 75 Criterium pinball machine. Apparently they just got their first t-shirts, which I'm sorry I missed out on!

If you live in LA or have the chance to stop in to Golden Saddle, tell them I say Hello. (p.s. This is TINA!!)

Awesome signage (these are available as stickers, too).


A recently clean-shaven and apparently unrecognizable Kyle, along with his FBM Sword that he loaned me (THANKS).


Woody, hard at work

Everything in its place.

See more pics of the shop on my Flickr stream HERE.
(Posted by Tina)


Anonymous said...

Thomas Wood is "Woody". Really nice guy, and a great pursuiter.


whats Kyles email or the shop's email? Imm dying to ask if they have Golden Saddle Cyclery top caps for stem/steerer. did you see any while you were there?