July 7, 2011

Beard Bags New Webstore

James over at Beard Bags hit me up the other day to check out his new webstore, where folks can purchase his made in Minneapolis wares.

this is his Rogue backpack
14"W x 8"D x30"T
- 1000 denier cordura outer
- Waterproof PVC Inner belly and large outer pocket
- Closed cell foam padded straps and back
- Upper and lower adjust shoulder straps
- Side compression straps and water bottle/lock pockets
- Removable bedroll bottom straps
- Waist belt and removable chest strap
- 14"x 15"Inner laptop and 14" x 10"keeper pockets
- Hanger loop

He also does many of the other items that you've come to expect from a bag maker such as a hip pouch, cell holster, and even some Holdfast style foot retention. But what I really always dig are the items that come from solving a problem that the maker himself has.

James is an avid polo goon and as such wanted to solve issues arround mallet transportation so he came up with these:

Mallet Sling
Removable Sling (clips on to any bag with side compression straps)
- 1 or 2 mallet versions
- Holds mallet secure with not bobbling or whistling

Side Arm Pad
4"L x 6 3/4" W
- Tough ass 1000 denier cordura
- 1/2" thick closed cell padding
- Holds up to 3 mallets

good to see him and his company progressing, keep it up dude.

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Manny said...

You can also purchase his products at Behind Bars in N.E. mpls.