July 19, 2011


I was digging through my photos recently and came across this shot that I have always loved. It was taken in the shop at Freewheel where Brad Wilson of Capricorn was moonlighting while getting his frame building business going. This was in the fall of 2007 and I was one of his first customers. At this point the frame was principally done, and I met him at work to show him where I'd like the stainless hearts brazed onto the frame.

I like that you don't notice the opposite chainstay at first, but when you see it a key detail of the frame is revealed. A custom frame detail that would eventually make it's way onto the All-City's.

Seeing it again I really wanted to blur out that Park grease can. I have absolutely no Photoshop skills, having never received any instruction or spent any time learning how to do anything besides what I absolutely need to do for my rudimentary graphic design.

I gave it a go.

the original


not mind blowing, but better.

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