July 7, 2011

New Bikes Thursday In Milwaukee

Someone went bananas.

newbruisers 005
newbruisers 006
newbruisers 007
newbruisers 008
newbruisers 010

So these are intended to be used for off roadin'. Initially these came about because Tina asked if we could ride our current bikes, a 1st generation Bruiser and Dropout, off road out at the Kettle Moraine singletrack trails west of Milwaukee. Of course we could, and I have on mine, but these conversations just snowball you know. Tina and Drew at MKE had a secret conversation about getting me another 1st gen Bruiser, which she did, but then he got to thinkin' 'bout things and was kind enough to let us get these 2nd gen prototypes painted and outfitted. Krem-Cakes, America's Polo Heartthrob, built up the wheels, and Drew assembled the rest. Kind of a departure for a veteran mechanic like me letting other dudes touch on my shit, but no way I could do any better than those pros. Thanks BIG TIME GUYS! Expect a bunch of ride reports soon as we pile on the miles and scabs. Of course these bikes could be relationship busters, but also reminders of how lucky I am to have a fearless and kick ass girlfriend.

Stoked on the Fuzzy Bar on mine. I'll let you know how much they rule Jeff.


AJ said...

wow those look amazing. lovin the color tina picked!

J.Mika'ele said...

those wheels are wicked.... phil woods to chukkers. mmmm... rad builds guys!

Anonymous said...

Get a mountain bike and some gonadzz!

Anonymous said...

You need some tweeds to go with those saddles!

mark$ter said...

Very good advice! I like advice! Thanks! Fun!

Anonymous said...