July 17, 2011

Just Awful

I know it's pretty much superfluous to care at this point, but is there anything worse than what Weezer has become?

*they've been playing this commercial nonstop during the Tour

They are just so awful.

And now I feel like a sucker anytime I even consider listening to Pinkerton.

It's moments like the above that make me thankful that many of my favorite band's careers have been short and we weren't subjugated to watching them grow terrible and tired.

You've squandered any goodwill that once existed, please just go away.


Al said...

For real, i just try to remember them playing footbag in the "say it ain't so" video. Thats the Weezer i will always remember.

Ty said...

Thanks for reminding me why I don't watch TV.

Anonymous said...

yeah, cause i hate it when a someone pays their dues and gets to enjoy a little success. the fall, cat power, galaxie 500, cloud cult - all of which have had tracks used in commercials ... reminds me a little of the current popularity of track bikes.

Anonymous said...

This is from an Interview on Fresh Air Radio. It goes to show that Musicians like visual artists and the rest of us need to eat and pay the bills.

It's no different than a Blogger (Bike Snob) (AHTBM) using Adwords etc. to make a few extra bucks from there labor of love. Whats wrong with it I say?

Maybe we should consider the needs of some of these bands making .99 per song download in an ever competitive market. I bet they would take the money a commerical gives them vs. half of a .99 download.

Heres the link to the full interview to read or listen.


"A lot of people see a Nissan ad and they see a finished product in a record store or on iTunes and that's the face of the band," Carney says. "What they don't see is that we made [Brothers] in a cinderblock building in the middle of nowhere in Alabama, with five microphones and a guitar amp and a drum set. I don't know what that means, exactly, but I do know we didn't spend a lot of money making this record, and it's an honest way of approaching making music. And once the music is out there, when you're selling a record and selling music and people are going to do whatever they want with it, it's kind of hard to resist certain opportunities, especially in the record market now."


world cafe
The Black Keys On World Cafe WXPN
NPR Music's 50 Favorite Albums Of 2010: 'Brothers'
In fact, Carney says he and Auerbach initially turned down several opportunities because they were worried about appearing like they'd sold out.

"The first offer we ever had to have a song in a commercial was from an English mayonnaise company, and they offered us a lot of money — crazy money," he says. "Especially at the time, it was insane."

"We got this offer for more money than both of our parents make in a year combined," Auerbach adds.

But a manager advised them to pass, telling them that commercializing The Black Keys' songs would alienate their entire fan base and ruin their careers.

"We're hearing this, seriously, as we're driving around in a 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager that smells like pee," Carney says. "And going home to our modest apartments, and we were scared. We were 23 years old. So we passed on it."

At a certain point, Carney says, they decided to license "Set You Free" for one Nissan ad, just to see what would happen.

"It's helped us immensely," Auerbach says. "Before 'Tighten Up' [from Brothers], we'd never had a real song regularly played on rock radio. We didn't have that support, and getting these songs in commercials was almost like having your song on the radio."

Jeff said...

you are missing the point, my beef isn't with their allowing a commercial to use a track.

fuck I couldn't care less about that. make that money.

my issue is that the song is beyond terrible as is everything they've done in the past, oh say 10 years. The poor quality of the output is what damages their reputation and renders their catalog unenjoyable.