July 6, 2011

For Sale: Campy Record Track Cranks and Phil Wood TI BB

Campagnolo 165mm Track Cranks
w/48 tooth Campagnolo Ring and Campag Chainring bolts
Phil Wood 113mm English Thread Campy Taper Ti Spindle Bottom Bracket

Crankset is in perfect condition, I did not clean them up at all before the pictures because I am dumb, and shows no wear on teeth or arms. As you can see from the photos, tapers are perfect as well. These go for $500 MSRP


The included bottom bracket is a Phil Wood with Titanium spindle with the threads and tapers in perfect condition.

These came to me on that TI Seven track frame that I sold a while back, and are easily the most expensive crankset and BB that I've ever had in my possession. While these are dream parts, I unfortunately really don't have much use for them and would rather have the cash to fund a Bike Jerks project.

If you would like to own this package please hit me up at jeff at bikejerks. The price is $325

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