July 14, 2011

Re Up

Finished reassembling my Big Block. I had taken it apart so that we could shoot photos of the frameset for All-City and it's been sitting there in the corner all Spring waiting for Frame Saver to be available again so that I could treat it before putting it back together.

I was a little messed up at the time, but I got super stoked to install this King headset. It's just so fucking classy and it filled me with a sense of pride to mount it up. I know that's super dorky, but a King is just one of those iconic pieces that exudes quality and craftsmanship and is a telltale sign that an owner puts a lot of value on the bike it's on.
Nothing says "I know about bikes" like a top drawer headset. It's a piece that most lay people would never invest money in, but you know when you see one on a bike that the owner knows what's up.

bb5Reunited with my favorite track bike. Feels pretty good.

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agleck7 said...

That is a handsome ride. Damn